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A 5-Minute Yoga Sequence Designed for Busy People

Living in NYC, busyness is ubiquitous. Everything moves at a quick pace and everyone has packed schedules (or a least says they do), bouncing around from one place or task to the next. But this frenetic lifestyle can be detrimental to mental health, leading to increased levels of stress and fatigue and decreased levels of happiness and relationships. ‘Downtime’ is considered a break from being busy— a hiatus from the more physically and mentally demanding tasks. Brain downtime like meditation and yoga has shown to increase creativity, productivity, attention, and motivation. So for optimal performance, we should be scheduling in some downtime tasks like a 'movement break' to boost physical, mental, and emotional states.

Busy bodies usually need some TLC in target areas such as the jaw, neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and mind. By slowing down and moving mindfully, you’ll get present, refreshed, and ready to more efficiently tackle that next task. Connecting the breath with the body, this quick sequence of yoga poses will stretch and tone to reverse negative effects of work-related stress.

Let’s begin in an easy pose to melt stress away…

  • Child’s Pose + Yogi’s Breath

child's pose

Child’s pose is a great way to start your quick practice since it’s grounding, introspective, and calming. This pose will help set a solid foundation mentally for the rest of your practice as you bring your attention to the present and let go of anything else. Stay here for about 1 minute, soaking in all of the relaxing properties and gentle stretch of this pose. Remember to loosen the jaw from clenching, letting tension from the day dissolve.

Tune into your breath with a slow deep inhale followed by a slow deep exhale. Remain aware of your breath and keep with this yogi breath throughout the rest of the sequence. Slow controlled breathing has the ability to lower stress levels even further and this meditative state will help let go of any distractions or stressors from the day.

Target areas: Hips, Shoulders, Lower Back, Knees, Mind, Nervous System

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