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Join the (free) 30 Day Meditation Challenge

When you subscribe for free to the Blocker Yoga YouTube Channel, you’ll be automatically included in the 30-day meditation challenge.

What, When, & How? Starting November 1st and spanning the entire month, a new guided meditation video will be added to the Blocker Yoga channel daily. Videos will range in length from 3-10 minutes and will be accessible to all level meditators from first-timer to experienced. Simply ‘Subscribe’ now (click here) and then click play on the corresponding video each day to easily practice meditation in the convenience of your own space and at your preferred time.

|| Make sure to click the bell icon after subscribing on YouTube to receive notifications each time a video is released. ||

Why? Through challenging yourself with 30 days of meditation, you’ll develop tools of

mindfulness and awareness that can positively impact your life (and the lives of those around you). Research shows that the more you meditate, the more you benefit! So each week you’ll level up mentally, emotionally, physically, and generally boost overall well-being. Also, it’s free. Just sit back and relax, I’ll guide you through everything.

What are the benefits of meditation? Well, the benefits are boundless… But here are a few you can benefit from after just 30 days of meditation:

Physical Health Mental Well-Being Emotional Well- Being

Improves immune system Boosts productivity Reduces depression/anxiety

Anti-aging Increases attention/focus De-stresses

Reduces blood pressure Boosts memory Increases empathy/compassion

Decreases inflammation Enhances self-awareness Helps form social connection

Helps control pain Improves sleep Helps with addiction & recovery

The unique aspect about this challenge is the community here to support one another. Please comment, share your experience, and encourage each other throughout this journey of betterment— And invite others to join you in the adventure!

Can't wait for our mindful movement in NOVEMBER!

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