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Why You Should Try a Private Yoga Lesson (or 5)

Translating to “union,” yoga is an ancient Ayurvedic discipline dating back to over 5000 years ago. At its roots, yoga was designed to be taught and learned in a one-on-one setting. This more private format provides a platform to learn, practice, and expand at a deeper and more fulfilling level with the undivided guidance of a trained professional.

Read on to further understand the benefits of taking private yoga lessons...

1. Originally taught one-on-one

As previously stated, that’s just how yoga was intended. The oral transference of the practice from master to student provides a unique environment. No books, no videos, no images, no packed group classes. Just individual attention and concentrated focus on illuminating the true self through breath, meditation, and physical poses.

2. Tailored to you and your needs

Whether you’re seeking yoga for divine enlightenment, an ailment, to lose weight, to destress, or whatever- it doesn’t matter- there is some aspect of yoga that can help any body and science is showing that more everyday. What’s unique about private lessons is that your instructor can target specifically what you need and adjust accordingly with each subsequent practice.

3. Attention

More attention in yoga means more detail, and more detail means more knowledge. In private classes, you’re going to obviously get more attention from the instructor. That equates to more hands on adjustments and individually specific verbal cues which equals better form and alignment.

4. Quicker progress

If you’re seeking yoga for something in particular, let’s say physically or mentally, you’re going to get quicker results from a private lesson. Since it’s tailored to your individual needs as a student, you’re getting to your end goal faster. Teachers can also fit more content into a one-on-one class as opposed to a group class, which will progress the student’s yoga awareness further.

5. Incorporates more (tenets of yoga)

In a typical group yoga class the teacher usually has a “peak pose” that the class is planned around. For instance, if the “peak pose” is bird of paradise, the class will probably practice a lot of hip and hamstring openers to build up to that more challenging peak pose. However, in private yoga, you’re going to get more. Your instructor will probably have a couple of peak poses as well as a yogic topic, perhaps centering the class around satya (truthfulness), or ahimsa (non-violence), or contentment. You’ll also learn proper breathing techniques (pranayama) as well as meditation. Yoga is much more than asana (physical poses) and practicing one-on-one with an instructor will provide you with a more comprehensive experience, learning ALL of the tools of yoga.

6. Beneficial for all levels

Despite your level of yoga acumen, a private lesson will facilitate and foster growth wherever you are in your practice. Beginners can learn basics in a safe and nurturing environment, while bendy experts can cultivate a more refined practice that may stimulate personal breakthroughs. Specifically, a private lesson can contribute revolutionary encouragement and shed light on regions that may otherwise be overlooked and causing a blockage in your personal yogic growth.


With many benefits, one-on-one yoga is a thorough and efficient practice providing more bang for your buck. When seeking a private yoga instructor, make sure to highlight your needs as a student and ensure that the instructor can cater to those needs. Happy practicing!

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