YogaLab is a wholistic yoga experience. Be prepared to challenge your mind and body in each 60 minute class. YogaLab explores yinyasa flow, experiments with arm balances, and delves into meditation.

Individuality and finding your own “flow” is highly encouraged.



The purpose of YogaLab is to provide a platform for self-analysis with intent of ongoing progression and eventual equanimity within.



The Yoga Collective (TYC) located at 135 West 29th Street 6th Floor, Suite #603, New York, NY 

Mats and props are provided at TYC.


Other Services:


Private Yoga

Yoga Retreats

Corporate Yoga
Corporate yoga provides training in meditation, relaxation, and yoga at the convenience of your workplace. This technique reduces stress and boosts work efficacy, contributing to the betterment of employees mental, emotional, and physical health.

Please contact via phone or email to schedule.